lunes, 30 de junio de 2008



... this deep voice of ours is meant to contact us with divinity. still some tribes like the guaranies in the amazonas or the native americans know the importance of words and use them with respect, they speak in prose and compose each sentence as a visual poem, in that way words travel faster into the mind of the other. and they reserve their songs for praising the divinity.

every great ancient culture has music as a ground basis for their ceremonial rites, social bondage and death rites. as if they still know in their unconscious that music re-unites them to the divinity.

According to astrophysics....

there was a time when there was no time or measurement of any kind, in a vacuum full of free electrons that floated in the infinite cosmic sea of hot energy, wave after wave, after billions of years the space began to cool down, as a cosmic soup was growing. New structures began to form from chaos, hydrogen atoms and helium began to dance softly until they united to from the first organized beings: stars, and in their core new heavy elements appeared like iron, carbon and... Next thing you know is history: new molecular structures, multiple organisms always condensating, building themselves each time faster. billions of years passed until the cosmic soup temperature was ready to develop more complex and delicate organisms: unicellular, protozoarians, multicellular, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and boom, next thing you now, in a blink of gods eye at 12 o’clock in the watch that marks the billions of years of life in this universe, on the 3rd rock of certain sun of the milky way, the homo sapiens appeared on the face of the earth after many other kinds of homo that were before him.

many theories compete to decipher the mystery that surrounds the origins of human kind.....but for me there is a relative truth, and so it is this version of the creation of human voice and music:


once upon outside of time in other reality we float on the most beautiful and sublime music ever made on the entire universe: sonic cathedrals built by bird reverbs and fractal notations made by the wings pf hummingbirds, create a golden-rainbow spiral of music which holds chants over the cloud of the unknown. Clouds as placentas full of trillions of souls, as many as electrons and protons in this world. Floating over an undefined elemental orgy.

(if this music had a name it would be “ the honey mothers-milky way orchestra” for its sweet, calid, anesthesic and nurturing characteristics)

the main musicians are: Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mahoma, Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Wakantanka, Zeus, The virgin Mary and many other divinities that play and rest while floating in the infinite ocean of mothers milk, honey and wine, where they are all part of the same rizomatic instrument.

Buda sings like a didjeridoo, Krishna plays four flutes at the same time, Jesus is a spoken word poet that sings the blues, Mahoma drums the darbuka while riding his black horse, Quetzalcoatl sings like a “400 voices bird”, Viracocha blows a kilometric quena, while Wakantanka is the storm drummer, Zeus pick his mandolin with his electric ray and virgin Mary is an opera-soul singer.

Each one has his part on the show, and know the same song by heart, (but everyone improvises in his own way) they never make mistakes ‘cuz they read a telepathic partiture. intuitively note by note, multiple recombination of tones, notes, colors, volume, smell and taste.In this no-place everything that is thought converts to music, and each piece of music creates matter. Each played note represents a star from certain galaxy that is being formed somewhere around. so only one melody is able to create entire solar systems with all its characteristics.

Where the movement of the galaxy is the echo that gives feed-back to the “honey mother’s milky-way orchestra” that is still on tour (thanks to the great success that the ‘big-bang” tour had)

When the big-bang rage was cooled, one day the gods decided to descend to the planets they had created in order to experiment with new instruments, and explore new sounds, feelings and atmospheres.

they were already bored by their own solo, so they created human kind, in order to have someone to play a jam session with, a little bit more unpredictable that the well known tune: Nirvana, Satori, Paraiso, Elysium, etc (there are many versions of the same song)


In the begging of time the human kind knew very well the songs that god had taught through sunrise, birds, wind and thunder.

His very first instruments were parts of the body like his hands and feet, after that he found sticks, bones and stones; more advanced he was by making drums out of wood, and flutes out of bone and bamboo.

But one day sorrow came to humanity, when the god they had known in person returned to heaven (to keep on composing new divine melodies).

to compensate the distance, god gave a gift to humans, the greatest musical instrument ever made: the voice.

Like in the Guarani tribes from the Amazon, our ancestors singed in groups to emulate nature and that way re-connect to the divine by a musical trance.

Naming something means to reclaim its essence and own it by knowing it, that’s why there are certain “things” that can’t be named, because we can’t own them or touch them.

When we get to know something new, we name it, and by giving it a name, we recognize its existence....

but there are certain cases where some objects are made to make us forget our own abilities and existence.


Until the day that man forgot how to sing and play the songs that maintained him in contact with divinity, confusion started.

This began in the proto-agricultural age when men changed his musical instruments for working tools, when he sacrificed his drumming stick to make a hoz and changed his drums for grain containers, and then he ceased singing to start counting how many grains he had.

It became worse when he traded his horse and his kayak, for a cart wheel and a vapor boat. He even changed his bow and arrows, and his elegant katana, into full metal machine guns.

Then instead of talking words of melodious truth, he changed his voice into a noisy money machine: chi chin....

from this metal box camed out more machines like calculators, nuclear bombs, bulldozers, microwaves, tamagotchis, hair driers, juice makers, synthesizers, nintendo, gameboys, dildos, x-boxs, H-bombs, computers, razors, walkmans, electric knives, electric sheep, cellular phones, can openers etc.

He also changed the songs of birds in the tree, into electric alarm clocks and electric appliances. He even changed the soft voice of a woman just waking up, for a television set. A fresh breakfast of milk, juice and fruits, into black milk, plastic juice and fruity flavored pills.

Now humanity is weak, each time more dependant on technology and money.

Each time more numb and separated from his nature.

Man has forgotten how to pray, sing and speak,

only mumbles and makes noise with his machines.

He has also forgotten how to listen to the natural systems as plants, wind, mountains, the land, the rocks, the stars, the sun and the moon.....the other animals and even himself.

The divine sound is fading away between the entropic comunication and the static noise of electricity.....shhhh....

(the lights went off and the tv is shut down)