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... this deep voice of ours is meant to contact us with divinity. still some tribes like the guaranies in the amazonas or the native americans know the importance of words and use them with respect, they speak in prose and compose each sentence as a visual poem, in that way words travel faster into the mind of the other. and they reserve their songs for praising the divinity.

every great ancient culture has music as a ground basis for their ceremonial rites, social bondage and death rites. as if they still know in their unconscious that music re-unites them to the divinity.

According to astrophysics....

there was a time when there was no time or measurement of any kind, in a vacuum full of free electrons that floated in the infinite cosmic sea of hot energy, wave after wave, after billions of years the space began to cool down, as a cosmic soup was growing. New structures began to form from chaos, hydrogen atoms and helium began to dance softly until they united to from the first organized beings: stars, and in their core new heavy elements appeared like iron, carbon and... Next thing you know is history: new molecular structures, multiple organisms always condensating, building themselves each time faster. billions of years passed until the cosmic soup temperature was ready to develop more complex and delicate organisms: unicellular, protozoarians, multicellular, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and boom, next thing you now, in a blink of gods eye at 12 o’clock in the watch that marks the billions of years of life in this universe, on the 3rd rock of certain sun of the milky way, the homo sapiens appeared on the face of the earth after many other kinds of homo that were before him.

many theories compete to decipher the mystery that surrounds the origins of human kind.....but for me there is a relative truth, and so it is this version of the creation of human voice and music:


once upon outside of time in other reality we float on the most beautiful and sublime music ever made on the entire universe: sonic cathedrals built by bird reverbs and fractal notations made by the wings pf hummingbirds, create a golden-rainbow spiral of music which holds chants over the cloud of the unknown. Clouds as placentas full of trillions of souls, as many as electrons and protons in this world. Floating over an undefined elemental orgy.

(if this music had a name it would be “ the honey mothers-milky way orchestra” for its sweet, calid, anesthesic and nurturing characteristics)

the main musicians are: Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Mahoma, Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha, Wakantanka, Zeus, The virgin Mary and many other divinities that play and rest while floating in the infinite ocean of mothers milk, honey and wine, where they are all part of the same rizomatic instrument.

Buda sings like a didjeridoo, Krishna plays four flutes at the same time, Jesus is a spoken word poet that sings the blues, Mahoma drums the darbuka while riding his black horse, Quetzalcoatl sings like a “400 voices bird”, Viracocha blows a kilometric quena, while Wakantanka is the storm drummer, Zeus pick his mandolin with his electric ray and virgin Mary is an opera-soul singer.

Each one has his part on the show, and know the same song by heart, (but everyone improvises in his own way) they never make mistakes ‘cuz they read a telepathic partiture. intuitively note by note, multiple recombination of tones, notes, colors, volume, smell and taste.In this no-place everything that is thought converts to music, and each piece of music creates matter. Each played note represents a star from certain galaxy that is being formed somewhere around. so only one melody is able to create entire solar systems with all its characteristics.

Where the movement of the galaxy is the echo that gives feed-back to the “honey mother’s milky-way orchestra” that is still on tour (thanks to the great success that the ‘big-bang” tour had)

When the big-bang rage was cooled, one day the gods decided to descend to the planets they had created in order to experiment with new instruments, and explore new sounds, feelings and atmospheres.

they were already bored by their own solo, so they created human kind, in order to have someone to play a jam session with, a little bit more unpredictable that the well known tune: Nirvana, Satori, Paraiso, Elysium, etc (there are many versions of the same song)


In the begging of time the human kind knew very well the songs that god had taught through sunrise, birds, wind and thunder.

His very first instruments were parts of the body like his hands and feet, after that he found sticks, bones and stones; more advanced he was by making drums out of wood, and flutes out of bone and bamboo.

But one day sorrow came to humanity, when the god they had known in person returned to heaven (to keep on composing new divine melodies).

to compensate the distance, god gave a gift to humans, the greatest musical instrument ever made: the voice.

Like in the Guarani tribes from the Amazon, our ancestors singed in groups to emulate nature and that way re-connect to the divine by a musical trance.

Naming something means to reclaim its essence and own it by knowing it, that’s why there are certain “things” that can’t be named, because we can’t own them or touch them.

When we get to know something new, we name it, and by giving it a name, we recognize its existence....

but there are certain cases where some objects are made to make us forget our own abilities and existence.


Until the day that man forgot how to sing and play the songs that maintained him in contact with divinity, confusion started.

This began in the proto-agricultural age when men changed his musical instruments for working tools, when he sacrificed his drumming stick to make a hoz and changed his drums for grain containers, and then he ceased singing to start counting how many grains he had.

It became worse when he traded his horse and his kayak, for a cart wheel and a vapor boat. He even changed his bow and arrows, and his elegant katana, into full metal machine guns.

Then instead of talking words of melodious truth, he changed his voice into a noisy money machine: chi chin....

from this metal box camed out more machines like calculators, nuclear bombs, bulldozers, microwaves, tamagotchis, hair driers, juice makers, synthesizers, nintendo, gameboys, dildos, x-boxs, H-bombs, computers, razors, walkmans, electric knives, electric sheep, cellular phones, can openers etc.

He also changed the songs of birds in the tree, into electric alarm clocks and electric appliances. He even changed the soft voice of a woman just waking up, for a television set. A fresh breakfast of milk, juice and fruits, into black milk, plastic juice and fruity flavored pills.

Now humanity is weak, each time more dependant on technology and money.

Each time more numb and separated from his nature.

Man has forgotten how to pray, sing and speak,

only mumbles and makes noise with his machines.

He has also forgotten how to listen to the natural systems as plants, wind, mountains, the land, the rocks, the stars, the sun and the moon.....the other animals and even himself.

The divine sound is fading away between the entropic comunication and the static noise of electricity.....shhhh....

(the lights went off and the tv is shut down)

sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Zuvuya......a Rainbow rave wave


Zuvuya = big memory circuit... the memory hotline. It works individually and collectively. Most importantly, it connects equally to the future as well as the past. Why? Because the Zuvuya is the interdimensional thread. And we are all interdimensional.

Zuvuya is a Mayan term that explains the concept that the universe operates with simultaneous dualistic cycles. What has begun, returns to itself based on varying sizes of cycles. In Mayan understanding everything operates with duality. Light and dark; up and down; right and wrong; positive and negative; north, south; clockwise and counterclockwise, etc. This Mayan wisdom is reflected in two synchronistic, simultaneous Haab cycles, a kind of Mayan Zuvuya Calendar, which also operates with duality. When living on Planet Earth, we are effected by these two mirroring Haab cycles.

The Zuvuya is the wave, and to surf this wave is to be at the dynamic crest that interfaces our 3rd-dimensional physical reality with the reality of the 4th-dimension -- the dimension of our dream bodies, energy bodies, or light bodies.

The Zuvuya is the circuit of radial, 4th dimensional time that provides the wave you can ride from wherever you are to whatever point in the 4th dimensional matrix of galactic time your destiny may draw you. It is a discipline to ride the zuvuya, but so is surfing...

The living tapestry of history is woven by an incomprehensible number of threads. However, the entire pattern appears to be spiraling in the shape of a steep spiral which culminates at the projected Long Count end date of Dec 21, 2012. Indeed, at this point we are experiencing the convergence of all dimensions of history.

The actual event: galactic synchronization, which occurs at the end of history will remain a mystery until it is experienced directly in the present moment. However, the nature of this experience is not inaccessible. It has been slowly coming into resonance over thousands and thousands of years. In order to obtain a clear perspective with good resolution, it should be remembered that this event marks the culmination of our entire history; thus, an accurate picture can be constructed by synthesizing, and making connections between all cultures around the world present and past; their cosmologies, their use of symbols, and their rituals. In this way, the big picture of human history is accessible: Gobal community...


it was my very first time on Palenque, i arrived after 3 days of strugguling with babylon´s time and machines to get here. i arrived at sunrise, each time the road had more trees and plants. the bus dropped me in the station at palenque. so there was i walking in the middle of the road, hitching a ride up to the hostels at panchan. i jumped into a van and stepd out at the gate that leaded to the pyramids. first person i saw there at Don mucho's cafe, was a guy id met at veracruz with the artesans. he told me that many rainbows where at the zuvuya site. i was exited to imagine wich persons came and were heading to palenque. i left my cart with the artisans and went looking for a place to stay that night. i askd in at least 3 hostels and they were all full, so the last hostel i went was rakshitas, and i found Dulce, a friend from monterrey living in the second floor i was going to stay at.
then met a guy named Bernardo, he liked my old camera and happened to be a photographer as well. he introduced me to his french friends and then invited me to a waterfall named Mizol ha.

this beautifull 60 meters long waterfall had a big pool-pond in wich we swimmed against the current to get to a big boulder, then we climbed the rock, it was full of musk so it was kinda slippery, but the adrenaline rush made me climb into the top of the rock, and then the next logical thing was to jump from the top of the rock, so we did after thinking a few seconds, (thinking is useless when jumping from high places into the water), one second of silence and then into the water, i saw a rainbow made by breeze before entering da water. i almost touched the ground with my feet. we repeted the move at least 3 more times. over the rock was pure zen-sation no thinking, just absorving the enerhy from the water that falled just beside us.
after that berna and i swimmed back to the shore and relaxed in another boulder having a sun bath. i took some pics from the place and he took a couple of me, but now the film is gone (i found this pics at google, trying to grasp my memories again).
at sunset we drived back to the hostels, we left the french couple in there and continue the journey into the archealogical site. Bernardo invited me to go into the closed park at sunset, it was the best thing that happened to me that day, even better thatn the waterfall experience, we entered the park when it was closed, all for ourselves, it was like traveling back in time and being a child in the middle of the piramids. i couldn grasp the greatness of this architechture so i started taking pictures of each pyramid. berna showed me that if you clap in front of the pyramid the eco that comes back is a bird-like sound. so we started clapping making a song out of the feed back. we choose not to climb the pyramids until night (best thing last). so we went for a walk around the site up where the jungle meets the rocks, we descended many wooden steps until we reached "el baño de la reyna" the queens bath, the rock formations were incredible they were as carved by human, they had the shape for sitting, i could imagine many people bathing in there long time ago, then in the source of water the strangest rocks ive seen portrayed the waterfall: faces came out from the rocks, sculped by many thousands or millions of years of water passing throught his place. now the water was murky and musky in some spots, but i guess that in the rainy season the water clears again.

the sun was down and we walked around smaller pyramids between the jungle, the temples were more interesting at night time, cuz all the attention was focused on the flash light spot, everithing else fades out in darkness. there where ceiba trees growing in the middle of some temples just as angkor wat temples in cambodia, its really interesting how this trees choose to grow just in the middle of pyramids rather than on the sides, as if the seeds where conscious of the energy that emanates from the aphex of the pyramids.
i was so excited of being there, i had dreamt with that experience since years ago while reading archeology novels and antropology books of the clasic period.
we wandered around the place that was supposed to be fo the common living life. this area had more life than the area of pyramids, maybe because the main square buildings where reserved for some casts, or maybe because the fact that thousands of people walk the pyramids every day wears off their mysticism, on a methaphisical level maybe mayan souls prefer the shade of the silent jungle.

at the middle of the night started walking back to the main plaza, but we got lost for a little while, walking in circles for at least half an hour, desciphering our way back, triying to remember wich path did we came from, after a while of walking in circles we forund the way back to the main circle, we climbed la piramide de las inscripciones, pacals mausoleum. we reached the top after climbing with our hands and feet (this way is faster). the inscription panels inside the pyramid are very impressive, hundreds of glyphs carved on stone are on two walls that are inside the pyramid in the room that precedes the stairway passage to the tomb, the passage is protected by a fence, we opened the lid and i started the descend cuz i had the light, berna told me to be very carefully cuz the stairs were going to turn each time more slippery in our way down because of humidity, so we walked very slowly and silently.

in my mind i expected something or someone at the end of the tunnel, but my excitement made me keep on walking, 40 steps i descended on the first stairway to the underwold, then another 30 steps in a curve to pacals tomb entrance. the gate was closed by a fence that had a lock, we meditated long time in front of that door, i was triying to understand why did the thumb was so thick, 5 tons!!! weighted the lid of his sarcophagus, beautifully carved monolith.
another of my impressions was: it took many years for the mayas to build this gigantic mausoleum for his leader, and only a couple of years for the arqueologist to take him out and put him in a glass museum, damn.
i had my dolphin ocarina with me, so i played a mellow song for pacal, berna told me as a joke: you may wake him up, and i said: its just a sweet dreams tune.

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

paranoia of nohas ark and the improvised 4th world kitchen

We wake up the next day of the storm, all wet, some didnt slept at all trying to save their camps.
Nina (that was camping by the river)woke in the middle of the night already starting to float in the middle of her tent over the "raft" that was under her sleeping bag. She didnt have a flashlight, she was naked in the universe with just a sarong, all her stuff was taken by the river: her clothes, passport, credit cards and money. all her identity vanished in one night.
Thon also lost his camp in the other river, Indio and other guys that were in las choapas also lost their stuff. Sebastian and Tim where the naked heroes that were rescuing other peoples camps, and bringing supplies from the semi-flooded kitchen. By the time the rain wasnt that hard, but still rained non stop and the water continued to go up, some people got paranoid and talked about Tabasco´s flood: if they opened the dam into their own people, they´re not going to make considerations of us. if they open the dam again water will rise up to the hill were we are at. this hill will become an island, etc.
The supply boat arrived on the morning, and around 20 to 30 people left. some where ill, others scared, and others just wanted to go to the beach (as the guy that i went with to the gathering).
He wanted me to leave with him, but i said: this is when you met the true rainbow warriors. Im having fun, and by the way this is only a rehearsal for apocalypse. (The familiy needed me, i didnt wanted to be any other place in the world.)
I stayed and start to figure out what do we needed. first i tryed to focalice putting some tarps around the house to have more dry space for people, but nobody listened, so i did it myself and put the first tarp as an example. then i drop that task and start cleaning the hallway that was on one side of the house(it looked like a dumpster), and classifing and focalizing our next meal (nobody new where was anything). we needed something hot, colorfull and with consistency. there where lots of spices, vegetables that were starting to rot, 1 gallon of teriyaki, 1 gal of soy sauce, mushrooms, a pine apple, lots of organic tea, bags of rice and beans, chocolate and other goodies. so we made pad thai: rice with vegetables, mooshroom soup with beet, and teriyaki vegetables with pine apple. and 2 kinds of tea: green-hibiscus and chai.
rainbow food = happy people again.
just after that sister Harmony made Power goo balls: chocolate, nuts, honey, caramel, and oats.....wooo that was another catalizer for the nohas ark party.
we started to jam inside the house, some people was resting, others getting warm around a fire, some started to dance and jump to stay warm and happy. the music was the energy and we were the engine, the house became nohas galactic-ark, we were tripping big time into the heart of the space.
Colors was noah, he climbed inside the house an sitted on the rooftop, the house was bouncing, but so many things had happened on that day that nobbody cared about a couple of guys sitting in the roof top. we jammed until the end.
we even changed the mood of the music for the people that was sleeping, into more mellow songs with guitar, the djambes went to sleep. we, the last 8 people awake managed to find a hole between the carpet of sleeping bodies that resembled a tetris puzzle. i slept between 5 people and a baby named seph ha. it was the best night for sleeping i had: very cossy, warm and i wake up with the smile and joy of seph.

on the 3rd day the sun came out, the family was closer thatn ever, every single soul on that camp was happy and praising Ra, the sun. every creature got out of the refugee wood shed, to bathe in the sun rays. I spotted a Japaneise brother doing Chi-kung, so i stepped beside him and star following his movements. he tought me a couple of steps. and told me that the best way to do chi-kung is on a sunny-yang day, cuz you dont want to take ying-cloudy energy inside.
i wore my orange silk clothes that day and bathed on the river with mint organic shampoo.
Everyone was re-born, the low vibes were sweeped away as well the thicks and other insects.
almost everyone moved out from the house, the stuff of the improvised kitchen was carried to the main kitchen that was in ruins. we started from scarps to build again everything.
this time as one family, one love and one vision.
that day around 10 cops arrived to the camp, some freaked out, but i just tought it was sureral, i was just waking up so i hided in my sleeping bag. Kareem and other guys complained and start shouting at the officials that were sent by Nati and Pachan, sisters that were in las choapas by that time, and didnt knew about the situation in the camp, so they went to speak to the President of las choapas and asked for support. so this guys dressed as cops brought us clothes, tarps and water.

Sister Harmony, Jay and Tenali left the camp, heading from "el desengaño" toward rancho "la renovacion", looking forward for better weather. Harmony was a saint and left us all her goodies: a bucket full of honey, lots of spices, sacks of soy and grains, 3 kilos of gouda cheese (that Kareem took to hide it in a safe place from the family, and then we never saw teh cheese again), dry fuit (that also dissapeared in his hands), organic green and black tea, mate, cofee, a box of org sugar, sea salt, nuts, hibiscus, and other delicatessen stuff. -Infinite Thanks Harmony-

i felt as in the best christmas ever.
That same day when we were improvisin a breakfast with the left over supplies, a boat full of fruits and water arrived to the camp, so we were really happy and celebrated with fruits.
everyone was working full power, cuz the official rainbow started in a few days and we had no infrasestructure at all, the river took away the pipe from the source. all tarps were down, the shitters were gone. the paths and the kitchen floor was muddy. soooo re-construction day started.

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008

Inter-acuatic RAINbow X-perience

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow -
Hopi legend

RAINbow gatherings are temporary intentional communities, typically held in outdoor settings, and espousing and practicing ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community, as a consciously expressed alternative to mainstreampop culture, consummerism, capitalism and mass media. Rainbow Gatherings and the "Rainbow family of living light"are an expression of a Utopian impulse, combined with bohemianism and hippie culture, with roots clearly traceable to the 1960s counterculture.

there are many kinds of rainbow gatherings:
  • the world gatherings:1993 Israel,2000 Australia,2001 Zimbabwe (on the path of the solar eclipse),2003 Brazil2004 Costa Rica,2005 Turkey,2006 Thailand, and 2008 China
  • The European Gatherings: 2000 Romania,2001 Croatia,2002 Italy,2003 France (Pyrenees),2004 Bulgaria,2005 Germany,2006 England,2007 Bosnia and 2008 Serbia andSpain
  • the National Gatherings (on each country)

  • the Intergalactic Gatherings (alternative world gathering)
Last year in the gathering at thailand, in the council circle that selected china as the site for 2008, some people still wanted to do a gathering in mexico, so they title it galactic rainbow gathering, cuz the world gathering had already chosen a site.
so in a way this gathering was the alternative within the alternative....

El Desengaño, Veracruz, a ranch 5 hrs south of las choapas, a 20, 000 people town that merely appears on the google map as a poblation, in the middle of a rain forest and on the entrance of one of the biggest "virgin" jungles of mexico.

I took a bus from Monterrey Nuevo Leon (N.E. of Mexico), (13 hrs trip) to Mexico city, then i took a bus to Veracruz (8 hrs), there wasnt a bus to las choapas, so i took one to Coatzacoalcos (4 hrs), and then finally to Las Choapas.
i reached this town at sunset, then after visiting 3 hotels, i managed to find a fine and cheap (150 pesos) hotel named Jismark, that had lime-yellow walls and mirrors on the sealing.
at night i found the perfect spot for eating frijoles a la charra and rice. in that restaurant i met Rock a Quebecois and Infinite his gigant Shnausser. they didnt speak a word of spanish, so his taxi driver asked me: hablas ingles? and delivered me this 2 guys with an amazing story of how they had been robed and picked up by this angel guy that drived them from coatza up to las choapas. Rock was dressed in white, and infinite had a beautifull and very particular hair cut for a dog.

After dinner we went to Jismark and while we were at the lobby the lady who worked there asked us that if we knew Mckena, a girl that was also staying there, and the first thing that came to my mind was that she was a relative of Terence Mckenna (one of my fav psychedelic writers), also because she came from Hawaii where Terence founded Botanical Dimensions, a non-profit ethnobotanical preserve. But this was just a mere illusion of my brain conections, then we met her and realized her name was spelled Makena, a funny coincidence.
On the next day we went to have a breakfast in the heart of the market (the cheapest place you can eat in mexico) and then hit the road by hitching a ride.
the first truck i asked for a ride, took us almost half of the way near cerro nanchital a town that reminded me the old west movies.

When we got out of the truck, we wanted to give the guy some money, but he stepped back saying that it was a favor, so whe thanked him very much and gaved him some goodies.
When we got to cerro nanchital in an old 1970´s bus (for 30 pesos),

nobody wanted to take us to el desengaño, it wasnt on their way, we asked almost every guy in town that had a truck to take us to el desengaño, until one half drunk guy offered to take us for $500 (100 per head, including the dog ha), but i denied it and waited for a better option, 2 hrs passed and just when we accepted and where jumping on the box of the truck, one rainbow girl asked us to step down the truck and saved us from paying that large cuantity, when there was a bus passing by in a few minutes (for 60 pesos) that would take us up to the entrance gate of the site.
Her name was Silph, she was pregnant and went down to the town with his mate, to get some personal supplies.
I´ve just started to notice that the town was like a vortex that didnt want us to leave from babylon, it was the border between internet and phone booths and unpaved roads that lead to freedom (literary this was the name of a town before the site).

finally we got into a fine 1990's bus in very good shape, that was making the first offiacial trip to "el desengaño", so they didnt knew the road, just as us. we were lucky that Sylph and Rob knew the way back to the site, they where the leaders, Rojo and I where the mediators. Rock, infinite, Makena and other guy fom the states also where on the bus, (as many other locals).

It was an amazing trip, i felt like entering the lost world. every kilometer was a new paradise opening to us. gigant hule trees, acacias, bamboos, palms, rivers, banana trees, hills full of cows, trees full of white birds. sunset over the hills, piercing through the windows.

3 hours of non paved road between the hills, non stop shaking, twist turns and creepy bridges in wich the bus merely fit. I was tired of sitting down so i started to bus surfing (balancing in the hallway with out using the hands.) we reached the gate at night, luckily it was almost ful moon, so we had great light for walking with out flashlights.
we walked around 1 hour trough a field full of cows and mud, at half the way i took my shoes off, i had more balance and awareness of the ground this way.
i rested my back in every big tree i could find, then after a vey tiring trail we saw what looked like smoke of fire (then we realized it was the river shining) and where more motivated to get there. at first we reached a small wood shed- house that received us with "welcome home" greetings and hugs. then we dropped our bags where we could, and walked down hill to the main circle, where the music was coming from. it was a beautifull scene: people sitting (like 30 or 40) around fire in different clusters: the drum cluster, the talking cluster, everybody was chilling out (they had just ate dinner), i jumped inmediatly into the fire, with my instruments, present them to fire, got comfortable. next thing i know a couple of bright light guys introduce themselves as jouso and kancer, from finland, they were very friendly and shiny, big blue eyes that jumped from their face. i played a while around the fire, and i was wondering why i was the only one playing...the guys told me that last night everyone stayed out late, so they were tired, so was i, tired but excited. then i went to sleep in the house.

as an outline: this intergalactic rainbow gathering served me as a launching base into new ways of living and seeing life. i´ve been influenced and inspired by many persons and their diferent styles of living and moving through the world. now i have enough motivation to explore the 4 directions of gaia anytime.
the books where my spark and people are my inspiration for future meetings in distant corners.

now i feel proud of being who i am, cuz now i feel part of a family,
no more crying alone in a corner as i did as child and teenager, feeling abandoned in a foreign planet, alienated from society. now i feel connected and protected.

in the main circle i´ve pictured us around the fire as in the neverever land and the city of lost children where nobody dies and every night is a new year party.
each one of us represented a tribe, a color, a smell, a taste, a geographical region and a whole universe.
im a red magnetic dragon, the order-chaos of the primordial waters, the initiator, the chi, shakti- xochiquetzal: Flower feather (the godess of flowers), im Parvati, the creation, im the spider that threads the web... the matrix... the akashic records.

now i have the power of the tropical rain forest in my magic pouch, i´ve lived on the jungles of my ancestors.
the cold rivers and rains cleansed my spirit.
I´ve danced around fire while Tlaloc played the drums of rain, sweating in the shiny core while the majority was distracted by fire twirling with babylon´s gas.
(that is how babylon is: attractive, but dont lasts long, just mere illusion).
my stongest brothers and sisters (thanks Tuukka, Colors, sal paradiso(aka Todd), the irish mama, the italian girls, Mare and Pamela) where beside me, giving their dance offerings to the fire. molding the flames, taking and spreading them around the multitude.
that was my last dance in the main circle, we gave it all out, on the night preceding the full moon in the morning. it was a cloudy night, just the ones that stayed close to the fire (about 15 or 20) saw the moon for 3 times, for 6 seconds.
we howled, sang, shouted and aplouded to her.
we sang all the songs and mantras that we knew, we even did new songs.
(the mud was an extra factor while dancing, you had to follow the directions where the mud took your feet, be strong, balanced and playfull.)

the food was a surprise everyday, well sometimes it resembled more like a bad joke (when the rice was burned, raw and goo at the same time), that motivated me to jump into the kitchen the next day and make the best meal we could have that evening. one day we made pizza, pasta and coockies, other day made sushi and stir fry with curry vegs, that was the abundance days, contrasted by scarcity days of 3 kinds of making soy: soy with soy sauce and potatoes, soy w oregano and cabage, and soy w beet and carrot, aaaaa and beans, and tahini surprise.
i enjoyed alot being in the kitchen, every day was like making a whole symphony, putting intention and joy in every cut.
the kitchen crew was amazing: the fire trolls, the cutting guys, the cleaning beings, the musicians, the clowns and the chefs.
the base line was onions, garlic and spices, the other instruments where improvised in the moment depending on what we still had.

making the supply runs was an oddysey few dared to accomplish:
a 2 day trip to las choapas or to cerro nanchital, one for going and the other for coming back, just when the kitchen was almost empty, the supply runners arrived as santaclause with their bags full of colors and textures that illuminated their path into the kitchen. then the racks of the grocery looked like a rainbow again. then i was tired of cooking and improvising with little, and took one or 2 days of the kitchen (even tough i still wanted to cook with all the new stuff).

then i dedicated the day to myself, went bathing to the river, swimmed to the other end, through the green and blue cold river, and reached a wall of amazing carved boulders that were waterfalls long time ago, then i climbed and meditated over them. perfect spot in front of the sun.
then i jumpet from as high as i could and climbed again.

just on the second week i was there , rain poured down during 3 days and flooded many parts of the camp, all the tarps were down, the water connections were gone and 5 camps where sweeped by the water that rised like 8 meters from the river side.
chaos ruled the gathering. many abandoned their camps to go sleep on the "house", an old wooden shed with metal roof top(with wholes) that moved everytime the wind blowed.
by the time i was already sleeping on the house, cuz i just had a hamock and a sleeping bag, so i went there since the rain started one day ago.
that night the population sleeping on the house grew from 20 to 50.
the next day almost avery one emigrated to the house or the sourrounding areas, cuz it was on the safest spot of the valley: a hill.

ill write about paranoia of nohas ark and the improvised 4th world kitchen on the next entry .
(one of the funnest part of the gathering for me.)

miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2007

Re-set your own reality


Re-use, re-duce, re-cycle, re-set

…Your own reality

Desde tiempos inmemoriales el hombre ha acumulado objetos por su paso en la tierra.

En la edad de piedra los neandertales recogian conchas, palos y huesos que les servirian mas adelante para la sobrevivencia. Después en la edad de los metales, el hombre comenzo a trabajar diversos materiales como herramientas, ornamentos, y piezas ceremoniales, es entonces cuando comienzan los grandes saqueos y guerras de la historia, el hombre ya no solo colecciona objetos para sobrevivir, ahora son un lujo.

En el presente como ya todas las necesidades basicas han sido cubiertas, y ya no es necesario arriesgar la vida para sobrevivir (en algunos casos), la atencion de el status quo se ha volcado hacia los objetos de consumo. Ahora lo que parece ser necesario para la supervivencia es tener un celular (pero con camara, mp3 e Internet), un usb y un ipod (de por lo menos 1Gb), una computadora (con Internet por supuesto), auto, camara fotografica, televisión de paga, etc…

Los medios masivos se empeñan en orientarnos hacia y por el consumismo: cremas, jabones, lociones, ropa, calzado, joyeria, autos, casas, aparatos electrodomesticos, bolsas, comida chatarra, cigarros, comida rapida, deportes televisados, cerveza, armas, amuletos, drogas de preescripcion, gadgets, pastillas reductoras, operaciones esteticas,…

parece que todo el consumo esta orientado a fin de cuentas a enriquecer a las grandes farmaceuticas mundiales, a la industria del petroleo y a las compañias productoras de semillas transgenicas.

¿Yo no estoy financiando mi propia destrucción?

¿ O si ?

Analiza, Aprende, Actua:

Cuestiona el estatus quo.

Vive con menos objetos, pero con mas conciencia. Genera menos basura.

Cuestiona tu consumo. Lee los ingredients de lo que comes. Investiga. Enterate de que esta hecho lo que comes y usas a diario.

Escoge productos con menos empaques.

Cuelga la ropa en el sol en vez de usar la secadora.

Si cierras la llave mientras te lavas los dientes, ahorras 4 gallones, (osea 3,000 galones al año, suponiendo que te los laves 2 veces al dia)

Piensa 3 veces, antes de comprar algo, pregúntate: realmente lo necesito?

es mejor comprar envases de vidrio que de plástico.

A veces no es necesario usar jabón al lavar los platos (si no comiste algo grasoso)

Lleva tu propia bolsa al mercado (para evitar usar 10 bolsitas)

- Apoya el mercado local y sus productos (es mas barato y seguramente mas orgánico que el HEB o wall-mart)

-Camina cuando puedas hacerlo, en vez de usar el coche para ir al la tienda de la esquina. Usa la bicicleta.

siembra alguna planta, un arbol frutal (del cual todo lo que comas sera gratis)

separa tu basura por clases (tan si quiera en orgánico e inorgánico)

- con la basura orgánica puedes hacer composta/abono en tu patio

- Cuida el agua, somos agua, necesitamos agua.

Carga con tu propio bote de agua, asi evitaras comprar botellas de plastico, que probablemente no se reciclaran


· En México se producen mas de 10 Millones de m3 de basura mensualmente, aprox. 112 millones de m3 anualmente.

• Según cálculos de la Concamin, en México cada año se producen
9 mil millones de botellas, que representan casi una tercera parte de la basura doméstica generada en el país.

Estimaciones científicas señalan que las botellas de PET demoran hasta 500 años en degradarse al ambiente.

Países como Suiza, Suecia, Austria, Alemania, Finlandia, Japón y Noruega son los que mas reciclan, mientras que Francia, Italia, Australia y Portugal están a la mitad de la lista, Chile, España, Brasil, E.U.A, y Gran Bretaña son los que mas contaminan y menos reciclan

· Estados unidos es el principal productor de basura en el mundo,
y 40 % de sus desechos se componen de papel.

· 900,000,000 de árboles se talan anualmente para producir pulpa de papel.

· Re-usa tus libretas y papel de oficina, no compres kleenex, usa panuelo de tela.

· Al reciclar una tonelada de papel se salvan 17 árboles.

22 Millones de Toneladas de papel se tiran en nuestro país cada año, si se reciclaran salvaríamos 33% de le energía para hacerlo y ahorraríamos 28 mil millones de litros de agua.

· El Instituto Nacional de Ecología (INE) junto con la (SEMARNAP), estiman que aproximadamente solo el 6% de las 85,000 toneladas de residuos por día del país es reciclada o reutilizada, (principalmente en las grandes ciudades).

· Entre el 30 y 40% de los residuos sólidos de México de acuerdo al INE proviene de paquetería con un 10 a 30% adicional de residuos industriales.

La demanda de la resina virgen es de 700 mil toneladas anuales. México es el segundo consumidor de la resina para su producción en botellas. Ya que es el segundo consumidor mundial de refrescos.

Lamentablemente Monterrey N.L. es el estado que mas coca cola y cerveza consume EN EL MUNDO

sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2007