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Inter-acuatic RAINbow X-perience

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow -
Hopi legend

RAINbow gatherings are temporary intentional communities, typically held in outdoor settings, and espousing and practicing ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community, as a consciously expressed alternative to mainstreampop culture, consummerism, capitalism and mass media. Rainbow Gatherings and the "Rainbow family of living light"are an expression of a Utopian impulse, combined with bohemianism and hippie culture, with roots clearly traceable to the 1960s counterculture.

there are many kinds of rainbow gatherings:
  • the world gatherings:1993 Israel,2000 Australia,2001 Zimbabwe (on the path of the solar eclipse),2003 Brazil2004 Costa Rica,2005 Turkey,2006 Thailand, and 2008 China
  • The European Gatherings: 2000 Romania,2001 Croatia,2002 Italy,2003 France (Pyrenees),2004 Bulgaria,2005 Germany,2006 England,2007 Bosnia and 2008 Serbia andSpain
  • the National Gatherings (on each country)

  • the Intergalactic Gatherings (alternative world gathering)
Last year in the gathering at thailand, in the council circle that selected china as the site for 2008, some people still wanted to do a gathering in mexico, so they title it galactic rainbow gathering, cuz the world gathering had already chosen a site.
so in a way this gathering was the alternative within the alternative....

El Desengaño, Veracruz, a ranch 5 hrs south of las choapas, a 20, 000 people town that merely appears on the google map as a poblation, in the middle of a rain forest and on the entrance of one of the biggest "virgin" jungles of mexico.

I took a bus from Monterrey Nuevo Leon (N.E. of Mexico), (13 hrs trip) to Mexico city, then i took a bus to Veracruz (8 hrs), there wasnt a bus to las choapas, so i took one to Coatzacoalcos (4 hrs), and then finally to Las Choapas.
i reached this town at sunset, then after visiting 3 hotels, i managed to find a fine and cheap (150 pesos) hotel named Jismark, that had lime-yellow walls and mirrors on the sealing.
at night i found the perfect spot for eating frijoles a la charra and rice. in that restaurant i met Rock a Quebecois and Infinite his gigant Shnausser. they didnt speak a word of spanish, so his taxi driver asked me: hablas ingles? and delivered me this 2 guys with an amazing story of how they had been robed and picked up by this angel guy that drived them from coatza up to las choapas. Rock was dressed in white, and infinite had a beautifull and very particular hair cut for a dog.

After dinner we went to Jismark and while we were at the lobby the lady who worked there asked us that if we knew Mckena, a girl that was also staying there, and the first thing that came to my mind was that she was a relative of Terence Mckenna (one of my fav psychedelic writers), also because she came from Hawaii where Terence founded Botanical Dimensions, a non-profit ethnobotanical preserve. But this was just a mere illusion of my brain conections, then we met her and realized her name was spelled Makena, a funny coincidence.
On the next day we went to have a breakfast in the heart of the market (the cheapest place you can eat in mexico) and then hit the road by hitching a ride.
the first truck i asked for a ride, took us almost half of the way near cerro nanchital a town that reminded me the old west movies.

When we got out of the truck, we wanted to give the guy some money, but he stepped back saying that it was a favor, so whe thanked him very much and gaved him some goodies.
When we got to cerro nanchital in an old 1970´s bus (for 30 pesos),

nobody wanted to take us to el desengaño, it wasnt on their way, we asked almost every guy in town that had a truck to take us to el desengaño, until one half drunk guy offered to take us for $500 (100 per head, including the dog ha), but i denied it and waited for a better option, 2 hrs passed and just when we accepted and where jumping on the box of the truck, one rainbow girl asked us to step down the truck and saved us from paying that large cuantity, when there was a bus passing by in a few minutes (for 60 pesos) that would take us up to the entrance gate of the site.
Her name was Silph, she was pregnant and went down to the town with his mate, to get some personal supplies.
I´ve just started to notice that the town was like a vortex that didnt want us to leave from babylon, it was the border between internet and phone booths and unpaved roads that lead to freedom (literary this was the name of a town before the site).

finally we got into a fine 1990's bus in very good shape, that was making the first offiacial trip to "el desengaño", so they didnt knew the road, just as us. we were lucky that Sylph and Rob knew the way back to the site, they where the leaders, Rojo and I where the mediators. Rock, infinite, Makena and other guy fom the states also where on the bus, (as many other locals).

It was an amazing trip, i felt like entering the lost world. every kilometer was a new paradise opening to us. gigant hule trees, acacias, bamboos, palms, rivers, banana trees, hills full of cows, trees full of white birds. sunset over the hills, piercing through the windows.

3 hours of non paved road between the hills, non stop shaking, twist turns and creepy bridges in wich the bus merely fit. I was tired of sitting down so i started to bus surfing (balancing in the hallway with out using the hands.) we reached the gate at night, luckily it was almost ful moon, so we had great light for walking with out flashlights.
we walked around 1 hour trough a field full of cows and mud, at half the way i took my shoes off, i had more balance and awareness of the ground this way.
i rested my back in every big tree i could find, then after a vey tiring trail we saw what looked like smoke of fire (then we realized it was the river shining) and where more motivated to get there. at first we reached a small wood shed- house that received us with "welcome home" greetings and hugs. then we dropped our bags where we could, and walked down hill to the main circle, where the music was coming from. it was a beautifull scene: people sitting (like 30 or 40) around fire in different clusters: the drum cluster, the talking cluster, everybody was chilling out (they had just ate dinner), i jumped inmediatly into the fire, with my instruments, present them to fire, got comfortable. next thing i know a couple of bright light guys introduce themselves as jouso and kancer, from finland, they were very friendly and shiny, big blue eyes that jumped from their face. i played a while around the fire, and i was wondering why i was the only one playing...the guys told me that last night everyone stayed out late, so they were tired, so was i, tired but excited. then i went to sleep in the house.

as an outline: this intergalactic rainbow gathering served me as a launching base into new ways of living and seeing life. i´ve been influenced and inspired by many persons and their diferent styles of living and moving through the world. now i have enough motivation to explore the 4 directions of gaia anytime.
the books where my spark and people are my inspiration for future meetings in distant corners.

now i feel proud of being who i am, cuz now i feel part of a family,
no more crying alone in a corner as i did as child and teenager, feeling abandoned in a foreign planet, alienated from society. now i feel connected and protected.

in the main circle i´ve pictured us around the fire as in the neverever land and the city of lost children where nobody dies and every night is a new year party.
each one of us represented a tribe, a color, a smell, a taste, a geographical region and a whole universe.
im a red magnetic dragon, the order-chaos of the primordial waters, the initiator, the chi, shakti- xochiquetzal: Flower feather (the godess of flowers), im Parvati, the creation, im the spider that threads the web... the matrix... the akashic records.

now i have the power of the tropical rain forest in my magic pouch, i´ve lived on the jungles of my ancestors.
the cold rivers and rains cleansed my spirit.
I´ve danced around fire while Tlaloc played the drums of rain, sweating in the shiny core while the majority was distracted by fire twirling with babylon´s gas.
(that is how babylon is: attractive, but dont lasts long, just mere illusion).
my stongest brothers and sisters (thanks Tuukka, Colors, sal paradiso(aka Todd), the irish mama, the italian girls, Mare and Pamela) where beside me, giving their dance offerings to the fire. molding the flames, taking and spreading them around the multitude.
that was my last dance in the main circle, we gave it all out, on the night preceding the full moon in the morning. it was a cloudy night, just the ones that stayed close to the fire (about 15 or 20) saw the moon for 3 times, for 6 seconds.
we howled, sang, shouted and aplouded to her.
we sang all the songs and mantras that we knew, we even did new songs.
(the mud was an extra factor while dancing, you had to follow the directions where the mud took your feet, be strong, balanced and playfull.)

the food was a surprise everyday, well sometimes it resembled more like a bad joke (when the rice was burned, raw and goo at the same time), that motivated me to jump into the kitchen the next day and make the best meal we could have that evening. one day we made pizza, pasta and coockies, other day made sushi and stir fry with curry vegs, that was the abundance days, contrasted by scarcity days of 3 kinds of making soy: soy with soy sauce and potatoes, soy w oregano and cabage, and soy w beet and carrot, aaaaa and beans, and tahini surprise.
i enjoyed alot being in the kitchen, every day was like making a whole symphony, putting intention and joy in every cut.
the kitchen crew was amazing: the fire trolls, the cutting guys, the cleaning beings, the musicians, the clowns and the chefs.
the base line was onions, garlic and spices, the other instruments where improvised in the moment depending on what we still had.

making the supply runs was an oddysey few dared to accomplish:
a 2 day trip to las choapas or to cerro nanchital, one for going and the other for coming back, just when the kitchen was almost empty, the supply runners arrived as santaclause with their bags full of colors and textures that illuminated their path into the kitchen. then the racks of the grocery looked like a rainbow again. then i was tired of cooking and improvising with little, and took one or 2 days of the kitchen (even tough i still wanted to cook with all the new stuff).

then i dedicated the day to myself, went bathing to the river, swimmed to the other end, through the green and blue cold river, and reached a wall of amazing carved boulders that were waterfalls long time ago, then i climbed and meditated over them. perfect spot in front of the sun.
then i jumpet from as high as i could and climbed again.

just on the second week i was there , rain poured down during 3 days and flooded many parts of the camp, all the tarps were down, the water connections were gone and 5 camps where sweeped by the water that rised like 8 meters from the river side.
chaos ruled the gathering. many abandoned their camps to go sleep on the "house", an old wooden shed with metal roof top(with wholes) that moved everytime the wind blowed.
by the time i was already sleeping on the house, cuz i just had a hamock and a sleeping bag, so i went there since the rain started one day ago.
that night the population sleeping on the house grew from 20 to 50.
the next day almost avery one emigrated to the house or the sourrounding areas, cuz it was on the safest spot of the valley: a hill.

ill write about paranoia of nohas ark and the improvised 4th world kitchen on the next entry .
(one of the funnest part of the gathering for me.)

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