lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

paranoia of nohas ark and the improvised 4th world kitchen

We wake up the next day of the storm, all wet, some didnt slept at all trying to save their camps.
Nina (that was camping by the river)woke in the middle of the night already starting to float in the middle of her tent over the "raft" that was under her sleeping bag. She didnt have a flashlight, she was naked in the universe with just a sarong, all her stuff was taken by the river: her clothes, passport, credit cards and money. all her identity vanished in one night.
Thon also lost his camp in the other river, Indio and other guys that were in las choapas also lost their stuff. Sebastian and Tim where the naked heroes that were rescuing other peoples camps, and bringing supplies from the semi-flooded kitchen. By the time the rain wasnt that hard, but still rained non stop and the water continued to go up, some people got paranoid and talked about Tabasco´s flood: if they opened the dam into their own people, they´re not going to make considerations of us. if they open the dam again water will rise up to the hill were we are at. this hill will become an island, etc.
The supply boat arrived on the morning, and around 20 to 30 people left. some where ill, others scared, and others just wanted to go to the beach (as the guy that i went with to the gathering).
He wanted me to leave with him, but i said: this is when you met the true rainbow warriors. Im having fun, and by the way this is only a rehearsal for apocalypse. (The familiy needed me, i didnt wanted to be any other place in the world.)
I stayed and start to figure out what do we needed. first i tryed to focalice putting some tarps around the house to have more dry space for people, but nobody listened, so i did it myself and put the first tarp as an example. then i drop that task and start cleaning the hallway that was on one side of the house(it looked like a dumpster), and classifing and focalizing our next meal (nobody new where was anything). we needed something hot, colorfull and with consistency. there where lots of spices, vegetables that were starting to rot, 1 gallon of teriyaki, 1 gal of soy sauce, mushrooms, a pine apple, lots of organic tea, bags of rice and beans, chocolate and other goodies. so we made pad thai: rice with vegetables, mooshroom soup with beet, and teriyaki vegetables with pine apple. and 2 kinds of tea: green-hibiscus and chai.
rainbow food = happy people again.
just after that sister Harmony made Power goo balls: chocolate, nuts, honey, caramel, and oats.....wooo that was another catalizer for the nohas ark party.
we started to jam inside the house, some people was resting, others getting warm around a fire, some started to dance and jump to stay warm and happy. the music was the energy and we were the engine, the house became nohas galactic-ark, we were tripping big time into the heart of the space.
Colors was noah, he climbed inside the house an sitted on the rooftop, the house was bouncing, but so many things had happened on that day that nobbody cared about a couple of guys sitting in the roof top. we jammed until the end.
we even changed the mood of the music for the people that was sleeping, into more mellow songs with guitar, the djambes went to sleep. we, the last 8 people awake managed to find a hole between the carpet of sleeping bodies that resembled a tetris puzzle. i slept between 5 people and a baby named seph ha. it was the best night for sleeping i had: very cossy, warm and i wake up with the smile and joy of seph.

on the 3rd day the sun came out, the family was closer thatn ever, every single soul on that camp was happy and praising Ra, the sun. every creature got out of the refugee wood shed, to bathe in the sun rays. I spotted a Japaneise brother doing Chi-kung, so i stepped beside him and star following his movements. he tought me a couple of steps. and told me that the best way to do chi-kung is on a sunny-yang day, cuz you dont want to take ying-cloudy energy inside.
i wore my orange silk clothes that day and bathed on the river with mint organic shampoo.
Everyone was re-born, the low vibes were sweeped away as well the thicks and other insects.
almost everyone moved out from the house, the stuff of the improvised kitchen was carried to the main kitchen that was in ruins. we started from scarps to build again everything.
this time as one family, one love and one vision.
that day around 10 cops arrived to the camp, some freaked out, but i just tought it was sureral, i was just waking up so i hided in my sleeping bag. Kareem and other guys complained and start shouting at the officials that were sent by Nati and Pachan, sisters that were in las choapas by that time, and didnt knew about the situation in the camp, so they went to speak to the President of las choapas and asked for support. so this guys dressed as cops brought us clothes, tarps and water.

Sister Harmony, Jay and Tenali left the camp, heading from "el desengaño" toward rancho "la renovacion", looking forward for better weather. Harmony was a saint and left us all her goodies: a bucket full of honey, lots of spices, sacks of soy and grains, 3 kilos of gouda cheese (that Kareem took to hide it in a safe place from the family, and then we never saw teh cheese again), dry fuit (that also dissapeared in his hands), organic green and black tea, mate, cofee, a box of org sugar, sea salt, nuts, hibiscus, and other delicatessen stuff. -Infinite Thanks Harmony-

i felt as in the best christmas ever.
That same day when we were improvisin a breakfast with the left over supplies, a boat full of fruits and water arrived to the camp, so we were really happy and celebrated with fruits.
everyone was working full power, cuz the official rainbow started in a few days and we had no infrasestructure at all, the river took away the pipe from the source. all tarps were down, the shitters were gone. the paths and the kitchen floor was muddy. soooo re-construction day started.

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