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Zuvuya......a Rainbow rave wave


Zuvuya = big memory circuit... the memory hotline. It works individually and collectively. Most importantly, it connects equally to the future as well as the past. Why? Because the Zuvuya is the interdimensional thread. And we are all interdimensional.

Zuvuya is a Mayan term that explains the concept that the universe operates with simultaneous dualistic cycles. What has begun, returns to itself based on varying sizes of cycles. In Mayan understanding everything operates with duality. Light and dark; up and down; right and wrong; positive and negative; north, south; clockwise and counterclockwise, etc. This Mayan wisdom is reflected in two synchronistic, simultaneous Haab cycles, a kind of Mayan Zuvuya Calendar, which also operates with duality. When living on Planet Earth, we are effected by these two mirroring Haab cycles.

The Zuvuya is the wave, and to surf this wave is to be at the dynamic crest that interfaces our 3rd-dimensional physical reality with the reality of the 4th-dimension -- the dimension of our dream bodies, energy bodies, or light bodies.

The Zuvuya is the circuit of radial, 4th dimensional time that provides the wave you can ride from wherever you are to whatever point in the 4th dimensional matrix of galactic time your destiny may draw you. It is a discipline to ride the zuvuya, but so is surfing...

The living tapestry of history is woven by an incomprehensible number of threads. However, the entire pattern appears to be spiraling in the shape of a steep spiral which culminates at the projected Long Count end date of Dec 21, 2012. Indeed, at this point we are experiencing the convergence of all dimensions of history.

The actual event: galactic synchronization, which occurs at the end of history will remain a mystery until it is experienced directly in the present moment. However, the nature of this experience is not inaccessible. It has been slowly coming into resonance over thousands and thousands of years. In order to obtain a clear perspective with good resolution, it should be remembered that this event marks the culmination of our entire history; thus, an accurate picture can be constructed by synthesizing, and making connections between all cultures around the world present and past; their cosmologies, their use of symbols, and their rituals. In this way, the big picture of human history is accessible: Gobal community...


it was my very first time on Palenque, i arrived after 3 days of strugguling with babylon´s time and machines to get here. i arrived at sunrise, each time the road had more trees and plants. the bus dropped me in the station at palenque. so there was i walking in the middle of the road, hitching a ride up to the hostels at panchan. i jumped into a van and stepd out at the gate that leaded to the pyramids. first person i saw there at Don mucho's cafe, was a guy id met at veracruz with the artesans. he told me that many rainbows where at the zuvuya site. i was exited to imagine wich persons came and were heading to palenque. i left my cart with the artisans and went looking for a place to stay that night. i askd in at least 3 hostels and they were all full, so the last hostel i went was rakshitas, and i found Dulce, a friend from monterrey living in the second floor i was going to stay at.
then met a guy named Bernardo, he liked my old camera and happened to be a photographer as well. he introduced me to his french friends and then invited me to a waterfall named Mizol ha.

this beautifull 60 meters long waterfall had a big pool-pond in wich we swimmed against the current to get to a big boulder, then we climbed the rock, it was full of musk so it was kinda slippery, but the adrenaline rush made me climb into the top of the rock, and then the next logical thing was to jump from the top of the rock, so we did after thinking a few seconds, (thinking is useless when jumping from high places into the water), one second of silence and then into the water, i saw a rainbow made by breeze before entering da water. i almost touched the ground with my feet. we repeted the move at least 3 more times. over the rock was pure zen-sation no thinking, just absorving the enerhy from the water that falled just beside us.
after that berna and i swimmed back to the shore and relaxed in another boulder having a sun bath. i took some pics from the place and he took a couple of me, but now the film is gone (i found this pics at google, trying to grasp my memories again).
at sunset we drived back to the hostels, we left the french couple in there and continue the journey into the archealogical site. Bernardo invited me to go into the closed park at sunset, it was the best thing that happened to me that day, even better thatn the waterfall experience, we entered the park when it was closed, all for ourselves, it was like traveling back in time and being a child in the middle of the piramids. i couldn grasp the greatness of this architechture so i started taking pictures of each pyramid. berna showed me that if you clap in front of the pyramid the eco that comes back is a bird-like sound. so we started clapping making a song out of the feed back. we choose not to climb the pyramids until night (best thing last). so we went for a walk around the site up where the jungle meets the rocks, we descended many wooden steps until we reached "el baño de la reyna" the queens bath, the rock formations were incredible they were as carved by human, they had the shape for sitting, i could imagine many people bathing in there long time ago, then in the source of water the strangest rocks ive seen portrayed the waterfall: faces came out from the rocks, sculped by many thousands or millions of years of water passing throught his place. now the water was murky and musky in some spots, but i guess that in the rainy season the water clears again.

the sun was down and we walked around smaller pyramids between the jungle, the temples were more interesting at night time, cuz all the attention was focused on the flash light spot, everithing else fades out in darkness. there where ceiba trees growing in the middle of some temples just as angkor wat temples in cambodia, its really interesting how this trees choose to grow just in the middle of pyramids rather than on the sides, as if the seeds where conscious of the energy that emanates from the aphex of the pyramids.
i was so excited of being there, i had dreamt with that experience since years ago while reading archeology novels and antropology books of the clasic period.
we wandered around the place that was supposed to be fo the common living life. this area had more life than the area of pyramids, maybe because the main square buildings where reserved for some casts, or maybe because the fact that thousands of people walk the pyramids every day wears off their mysticism, on a methaphisical level maybe mayan souls prefer the shade of the silent jungle.

at the middle of the night started walking back to the main plaza, but we got lost for a little while, walking in circles for at least half an hour, desciphering our way back, triying to remember wich path did we came from, after a while of walking in circles we forund the way back to the main circle, we climbed la piramide de las inscripciones, pacals mausoleum. we reached the top after climbing with our hands and feet (this way is faster). the inscription panels inside the pyramid are very impressive, hundreds of glyphs carved on stone are on two walls that are inside the pyramid in the room that precedes the stairway passage to the tomb, the passage is protected by a fence, we opened the lid and i started the descend cuz i had the light, berna told me to be very carefully cuz the stairs were going to turn each time more slippery in our way down because of humidity, so we walked very slowly and silently.

in my mind i expected something or someone at the end of the tunnel, but my excitement made me keep on walking, 40 steps i descended on the first stairway to the underwold, then another 30 steps in a curve to pacals tomb entrance. the gate was closed by a fence that had a lock, we meditated long time in front of that door, i was triying to understand why did the thumb was so thick, 5 tons!!! weighted the lid of his sarcophagus, beautifully carved monolith.
another of my impressions was: it took many years for the mayas to build this gigantic mausoleum for his leader, and only a couple of years for the arqueologist to take him out and put him in a glass museum, damn.
i had my dolphin ocarina with me, so i played a mellow song for pacal, berna told me as a joke: you may wake him up, and i said: its just a sweet dreams tune.

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